Edited by D.L. King

Cleis Press, $14.95, 202 pages

Steampunk is more than just a passing fad in the science fiction genre.  It has turned into a legitimate, and long lasting, sub-genre. Always wanting to cash in on a hot commodity, Cleis presents to readers a collection of steampunk erotica. Cleis is known for its collections of erotica, from the exotic to the more mainstream. With this collection their aim is to tap into the exotic nature of steampunk. These stories all feature the classics of steampunk lore, Victorian age; but with more modern equipment. Not totally 21st Century equipment, but beyond what they would have had in the late-1800s. Unfortunately, this collection is nothing but straight erotica. Very little steampunk is in this book, people who have read steampunk will find little in this collection to keep them going, unless they are into just straight erotica.  The stories start off with a bit of steampunk, but then just delve straight into the erotica; with very little ability to stay within the bounds of the genre or focus on the story at all. Steampunk is more than just erotica, and this has nothing to do with steampunk. Frankly this was a disappointment.

Reviewed by Kevin Winter
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