By Fanny Howe, Graywolf Press, $15.00, 94 pages

10Fanny Howe’s newest poetry book is a must for fans and new readers alike. Come and See is a collection of poems and prose. Taken as a whole, her work is a celebration of her travel and life experiences. Howe is from Massachusetts and has written over 30 poetry books. This award-winning author was given a Fellowship that allowed her to travel around the world, studying cultures and people. Her time in Italy, Ireland, Russia and England was the catalyst she needed for this book. The poems move from one country to another and examine family relationships and typical gender roles. Place is a character of its own in her poems. She challenges readers to consider what they know and to think about common stereotypes and misperceptions. Howe explores themes of oppression and justice. She ultimately asks her audience to see the world in a new way. Howe shares her thoughts on the art piece featured on the cover, which is a unique addition to the book. One of the best poems of the collection is “At the Heart of It.” Enjoy it, and many more, in this rewarding read.

Reviewed by Elizabeth Franklin