By Juliet Eilperin, Pantheon, $26.95, 295 pages

10Impeccable research conducted by author Juliet Eilperin, environmental reporter for many years, screams from every page. She delivers a beginning-to-hopefully-not-the-end research study of one of the scariest, mysterious, yet captivating fish in all our oceans.

This documentary work on sharks starts out by taking readers to Papua New Guinea to an ancient tribe that reveres, even worships the shark for generations describing the great respect the tribe and the sharks share for one another; how the sharks help them, protect them and guard their tribe. Eilperin moves the readers along to another example of history holding sharks in high regard, a mystic form of relationship with the fish.

A mesmerizing read, booklovers will not be able to set this book down! Demon Fish will challenge your own beliefs on the savagery of sharks, recounting the real-life tale of the author of the book and movie Jaws, the sometimes far-fetched versions of shark attacks and the factual statistics that will leave one pondering and wanting to join in the research with our own Earl Blumenhauer’s ongoing bet. You’ll have to read the book to find out about the bet and learn everything you could possibly ever want to know about sharks!

Reviewed by M. Chris Johnson,

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