By Gerry Conway, Paulo Henrique, Illustrator, Papercutz, $6.99, 64 pages

10Gerry Conway’s well-dialogued comic book series The Hardy Boys: Crawling With Zombies, with artwork by Paulo Henrique, is a treat to read, albeit too short. The famous mystery-solving, crime-stopping, sharp-witted brothers are back again to foil the work of evil-doers using flash mobs to turn teenagers into mindless zombies that obey their bidding for the occasional crime sprees in this clever and contemporary story. As Frank and Joe get separated, each on the mission of finding the culprit behind these escapades, Joe gets too involved and is turned into a zombie himself! Not to worry though, Frank is on his way.

Chapters are included but unnecessary – there’s too much action and too little space for any breaks in the storyline. The artist’s rendering of comic illustration is brilliant. A fun, enjoyable read, this would be a great series to get hooked on and follow the Hardy Boys on adventure after adventure.

Reviewed by M. Chris Johnson,