by Kate Wilhelm

Minotaur Books, $24.99, 290 pages

Reading this novel will take you on entertaining journey in a mystery full of twists and turns. Attorney Barbara Holloway is approached by two people needing help with an immigration problem. Thinking she can refer them to an attorney who specializes in immigration issues, she listens to their story. Soon she finds herself embroiled in a complex case involving piracy, a large inheritance, a drug cartel, and corrupt officials. The attorney and her client are placed in danger by unsavory characters who are motivated by greed. Vivid descriptions of exotic locales enhance the story as the heroine travels to Belize in search of documents to clear the immigration issues her client is facing. Shocking facts are discovered during her investigation into the family background of her client. The main characters face alarming dangers as a result, even after she returns to her home in Oregon.

Peopled with interesting and unusual characters, the book is exciting and fun. The intricate plot is easy to follow in this clearly written story. It builds toward a frightening collision of antagonists that will keep you turning the pages. An enjoyable read.

Reviewed by Fran Byram