By Alice Bowe, Timber Press, $24.95, 264 pages

10“This is essentially a book about making sound garden design choices.”

The art of the Victory Garden went the way of the poodle skirt back in the day, but as we become increasingly aware of dwindling space and the necessity of conserving our natural resources, perhaps each household returning, even in a small way, to a greener way of life is less a luxury than a necessity. Alice Bowe’s book, High-Impact, Low-Carbon Gardening: 1001 Ways to Garden Sustainably, teaches these tenants, how to make the most out of a small space and few resources. From compost to water conservation to climate-appropriate plant selection, Bowe’s book aids the home gardener in garden design, maximizing efficiency while maintaining an eye-appealing landscape.

Bowe’s words convey her love of gardening and inspire the reader with a sense of her deep love for greener garden solutions. She integrates decks, lawns, hydroponics, even options for fire-proofing in fire-prone landscapes. The key is good design and the rest of the garden will follow under this model, helping the home-gardener to change their little patch of ground into something sustainable, one yard at a time.

Reviewed by Axie Barclay