by Valerie Wyatt

Kids Can Press, $17.95, 40 pages

If you have ever wanted to create a place for yourself (be it a clubhouse, a secret spot, or even a country!), there is now a book that tells you how. Valerie Wyatt’s newest book How to Build Your Own Country is a must have for those of you ready to assemble a micronation. Although micronations aren’t recognized as real countries, they can be fun to create. Wyatt introduces concepts usually taught in a high school government class. But she does it in a way that is fun and appropriate for younger readers.

Kids will learn about creating an identity. This includes naming a country, finding a population, designing a flag, and writing a national anthem. The book can get silly. For example, when designing a flag, why not use a giant pair of underpants? Citizens will enjoy making their own passports. Readers will discover how to run a country. Wyatt discusses government elections, laws and money. Finally Wyatt suggests ways to get friends involved. There are so many activities parents, teachers, and kids can do to add to this fun book. The next time you see an underpants flag flying, you’ll know a new country has been created.

Reviewed by Elizabeth Franklin