By Chris Van Dusen, Chronicle Books. $15.99, 32 pages

10“We’ll practice up there ‘til we learn how to ski. Then we’ll head for the mountain,” said Mr. Magee.

Are you ready to take an adventure with one of today’s most endearing children’s book characters? If you aren’t already a fan of Mr. Magee, you soon will be. Magee has a big heart and a desire to learn new things and now he wants to learn how to ski. Mr. Magee is ready to soar down the white powdery slopes of a hill that has a lovely view of the bay. Dee, his trusty canine sidekick, is up for a pleasant day in the snow. But little do they know that a big hungry moose is searching for the perfect Great Northern Birch to munch and it is in the middle of the ski slope!

Chris Van Dusen is both author and illustrator of Learning to Ski with Mr. Magee. The rhyming text makes this an especially fun read. Kids will enjoy hearing the story read aloud over and over again. The illustrations are filled with details that beautifully capture the feel of nature at its best. The facial expressions of Magee, Dee and the moose are sure to bring about many smiles. Good luck Mr. Magee!

Reviewed by Elizabeth Franklin