By Allison Pittman, Multnomah Books, $14.99, 352 pages

10Lilly Margolis, a free spirited flapper girl, is barely making ends meet by selling cosmetics door to door. Lilly’s life changes when she comes across the affluent home of Cullen Burnside and his mother Betty Ruth. Cullen Burnside is a severely scarred war veteran who spends his life hiding from the world. He dreams of his old life of playing major league baseball while reluctantly running his father’s company. Cullen is the responsible son who watches over Betty Ruth during her struggles with dementia. Nothing irritates Cullen more than their new houseguest Lilly, who is his complete opposite. When the three join together on a road trip, they must face their own past failures and come to grips with their unknown futures.

Lilies in Moonlight is a sweet romance story. It is not a book with big adventures or complicated plot twists. It is also not a steamy romance novel. The underlying theme of this novel was a very Christian based story about finding your way home and making peace with your past no matter where you came from. If you like a G rated story you and your teenage daughter can both read, then this is a good book for you.

Reviewed by Crystal Schneider