by Jon Agee

Scholastic, $16.95, 32 pages

Many times things don’t turn out the way we hope. This is an important lesson for children to learn so they won’t be disappointed throughout their lives. Author Jon Agee introduces this idea in his book, My Rhinoceros. The book is about a little boy who wants a pet to play with and love. While out on a walk he passes an exotic pet store. The rhinoceros in the window catches his eye and he imagines all the fun things they can do together. After the boy gets the animal he realizes his rhino can’t chase balls or fetch sticks or catch Frisbees. He gets very discouraged and wonders if he made a mistake. But after spending more time with his pet he learns the rhino can do 3 things. He can pop balloons and poke holes in kites. The boy and his pet have an exciting adventure together.

Children will love finding out the rhinos’ third strength. Once the boy accepts his rhino and admires how he differs from other animals, he has no regrets about choosing him as a pet. And you won’t regret sharing this special picture book with your child.

Reviewed by Elizabeth Franklin