by Donald Altman

New World Library, $14.95, 208 pages

In these hectic times every minute is valuable. We are always on the move and can barely find a minute to spare! In One Minute Mindfulness Donald Altman explores the benefit of taking one minute to slow down and focus on our wellbeing. Altman provides guidance about meditation and breathing and how we can use that to find peace in our otherwise crazy life. He breaks down the average day and provides tips on how we can take a minute to refocus on ourselves. By taking one minute to center ourselves, we are taking steps to create balance in our lives. When I first saw the title I thought yeah right, can one minute make a difference? My life is very busy and one minute is not long enough. I can happily say I was wrong. It may seem like nothing but one minute to stop and breathe really makes a difference. I highly suggest this book if you are someone who is bogged down by appointments and meetings. These tips will really help you relax and also provide a reminder that even with a busy life we need to take a minute to take care of ourselves.

Reviewed by Nicole Will