by Dan Santat

Scholastic, $12.99, 210 pages

Captain Amazing is the savior of Metro City. He fights crime, battles villains, catches thieves and helps old ladies cross the street. Author and illustrator Dan Santat tells the Captain’s story in the new graphic novel, Sidekicks. Captain Amazing is getting older. Critics and newscasters are questioning whether he is too old to do the job. Because he is so busy trying to prove he is still a superhero, he doesn’t have time to spend with his pets. His dog, mouse, chameleon and cat just want some quality time with their owner. They decide to prove to him that an animal would be the perfect sidekick.

Readers will find the journeys of Static Cat, Metal Mutt, The Chameleon and Fluffy hysterical. Their training includes facing fears, reconnecting with old rivals and learning to trust each other. Santat’s illustrations help readers to feel a connection to the characters. The shifty-eyed little chameleon is sure to be a fan favorite. Reluctant readers will find it fun to read this comic book style book that mixes pictures and words. Santat has a great sense of humor so be prepared to laugh as these animals audition to be the purr-fect sidekick.

Reviewed by Elizabeth Franklin