By Steven J. Paley, Prometheus Books, $20.00, 236 pages

10“The more specific and well defined the problem, the clearer the solution.”

Have you ever had a predicament and wished someone would invent something to make it easier? Or, are you fascinated by people’s ingenuity and take a liking to clever little contraptions? Maybe that person is in you! In The Art of Invention: The Creative Process of Discovery and Design, author Steven J. Paley makes inventing possible — and not just for those brainiacs like Thomas Edison, Alexander Graham Bell or Benjamin Franklin. You could be the person who invents the next everyday household item, or yet, the unsung hero who invents something as simple as the paperclip!

Paley breaks it all down into bite-size pieces for any wannabe or aspiring inventor using three-part sections: The Process of Invention; Design and Invention; and Making it Happen. It’s not sugar-coated by any means. Inventing is not easy and there are many barriers to overcome, but with Paley’s book serving as inspiration and guidance, you can be well on your way. Start with the problem, the need, and begin to look for a solution. Filled with facts, statistics and historical data this work by an inventor, CEO, teacher and multiple patents-holder will have your imagination spinning!

Reviewed by M. Chris Johnson,