By Steve Turner, Thomas Nelson Press, $24.99, 259 pages

10April 12, 2012 is the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic. In memory of that event, many books will be and have been written. The insatiable fascination many have towards that tragic incident, the unsinkable ship actually sinking is unfathomable, almost make-believe.

The Band That Played On lovingly written by author and musician Steve Turner is more than a tribute to that day. He takes readers on a fantastic voyage through the lens of the legendary lives of the band members, their families, their bosses, the journalists, and all the others who escaped the prestigious opportunity of playing on this maiden voyage. Turner tells this gripping tale utilizing the historical facts of events that took place before the Titanic was built, during the construction, the journey, demise and ultimately beyond the aftermath of the destruction. Family photos, pictures, artifacts, letters, notes and contracts will keep fans riveted, glued to the book in tearful, heart-pounding fascination.

This particular viewpoint of the Titanic was especially heart wrenching. These brave men who were so dedicated to their craft faced a horrifying death with a dignity and grace that we cannot even begin to comprehend. They were all what heroes are truly made of and I for one am extremely grateful for this documentary, to get a glimpse into the hearts of heroes.

Reviewed by M. Chris Johnson,