by Laura Lightfoot Tilley

Xlibris, $21.95, 32 pages

It is an exciting time when young children begin to realize that there is a bigger world outside their bedroom walls. This is the premise behind Laura Lightfoot Tilley’s book The Magic of the Morning. Young Travis loves sleeping late, curled up under the blankets with his stuffed green monkey. Travis’ father says that by sleeping in, he is missing the best part of the day – watching the morning come alive. Travis asks family and friends about the meaning of the phrase.

The author’s concept is great, but the execution is not up to par. Many phrases are awkward and there are noticeable grammar mistakes. The book could benefit from a thorough editing job. As Travis investigates the magic of the morning, he speaks with different people. Rather than picking universally relevant characters (mom, auntie, sister), the author has Travis interacting with people known only to him (Jan, JJ, Jim) and this is confusing to little ones. The book has potential. The vibrant, rich illustrations are the book’s best feature. Tilley makes a heartfelt attempt to capture one of childhood’s magical moments of discovery, but she falls short of this goal.

Reviewed by Kathryn Franklin