by Sherril S. Cannon

Eloquent Books, $12.50, 24 pages

This book, The Magic Word is about a little girl named Elisabeth Keys. Elisabeth was really quite rude; she pushed into lines and she gobbled her food. She never said, “Thank you,” “Excuse me,” or “Please.” She made fun of people, she´d argue and tease.

With the help of her mother, Elisabeth did learn manners and the magic words. Before long Elisabeth’s friends started to notice. Was this the same girl? She has really discovered the magic in developing friendships. The Magic Word is an extraordinary book with a gentle message about learning manners in a fun way that did pay off for Elisabeth Keys. See what her friends do when Elisabeth decides to put the magic words to the test. Find out the magic words that are really magic

This delightful book in rhyme is purveyed and portrayed in a story so told as affluent gold. It is fun to read aloud over and over again to your child. Every child needs reinforcement of being polite, which this book provides in a fun way of one girls experience. So, if you know a child whose manners are not very good, this book may just be the perfect solution. They need to meet Elisabeth Keys! See how Elisabeth goes from sour to sweet. After you read this charming book, you will never forget the magic words! Every child and even some adults can benefit from this fun loving story. The illustrations are bold, bright and colorful.

Reviewed by Rhonda Fischer