by Yvonne Bohn , Allison Hill,  Alane Park

Da Capo, $15.95, 523 pages

With so much information in books and on the internet about pregnancy, women are being overloaded by information. How much of this information is true? What do you believe? Do I really have to get rid of my cat while I’m pregnant? These questions and more are answered in The Mommy Doc’s: Ultimate guide to Pregnancy and Birth by Yvonne Bohn, MD, Allison Hill, MD and Alane Park, MD.

Written in an easy to understand way, this book is a good resource to have on hand. Using real life experiences as doctors and mothers, Yvonne, Allison and Alane explain to you what to expect during each step of your pregnancy. Each chapter is divided up into trimesters, and within each chapter are real stories from women in all walks of life. Every woman who is pregnant or wishing to get pregnant will find this book a great resource to have.

Reviewed by Rebecca Eischen