by Patrick Drew, with a contribution by Desmond Tutu, Forward by Ranjedra K. Pachauri

Abrams, $24.95, 256 pages

The majority of people are familiar with the idea of threatened species, endangered creatures dying out for a variety of reasons ranging from pollution, overhunting and loss of habitat. But what about people, cultures, even cities and countries? Did you realize that the Chicago we know and love is in danger of transforming into…El Paso? That if coral reefs continue to disintegrate, cultures such as the Moken will no longer exist? 100 Places to Go Before They Disappear gives readers a peek at the parts of our world that are in danger of changing or disappearing because of many of the same influences that endanger animals: climate changes, human encroachment, even the extinction of certain animals.

The photography of 100 Places to Go Before They Disappear is impressive. Many photographs show familiar places from new or unusual angles creating unforgettable shots. Brief explanations revealing  how interconnected facets such as humans, animals, water, and climate are create an eye-opening book. Global warming is no longer just hot weather—it has far reaching effects on every part of our life. This educational and beautiful book will capture your attention and keep you reading.

Reviewed by Jodi M. Webb