By Lorraine Massey, Michele Bender, Workman Publishing Company, $13.95, 188 pages

10“Finally, you have the hair you were always meant to have!”

What is a curly-haired girl to do? Curly Girl: The Handbook is here to save the day. Complete with a step-by-step DVD, photos, diagrams and easy to follow tips, this book gives unique styles to old favorites, bringing back those beautiful, bouncy curls. Many of us have wavy to curly hair — according to this book 65% of us, to be exact! But an inordinate amount of time and money is spent straightening what the Good Lord gave us naturally. Now, we can enjoy our natural hair style, trim our own curls, tighten them up or loosen them for a sexy new wave.

Author Lorraine Massey instructs us to throw away over the counter shampoos and conditioners and replace them with sulfate-free and botanical products to enhance the health of our hair with our own natural oils.

What could have made this book more useable for all is a looser binding. The book doesn’t lay flat so it is difficult to practice the step-by-step techniques. Other than the binding malfunction, this is a wonderful, encouraging and all-hair-type embracing encyclopedia of full hair care.

Reviewed by M. Chris Johnson,