by Marlene Perez

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, $7.99, 242 pages

Daisy has two psychic sisters, her boyfriend’s a werewolf and her boss is invisible. In book five of the “DEAD IS…” series a lot is paranormal. In her last year of high school, Daisy and her classmates want to focus on regular things like prom, graduation and college prep, but there is just too much going on between the vampires and the werewolves for things to stay normal.

The plots are directed toward young readers with an emphasis on dramatic tension to keep active minds activated and less attention is paid to the why and how as is to the where and when. As if Daisy doesn’t have enough just getting through her senior year at Nightshade High, she also has crimes to solve, malfeasant magic to undo, a long lost father to reunite with, and a busy waitressing job at Slim’s diner — all with the right hair, shoes and makeup to stay in step with her cheer-leading girlfriends.

Never slow, the story introduces new players and old favorites from earlier installments including a bride who’s been trapped in a jukebox by an overbearing witch and her fiancé who’s a pig. An excellent pick for a reluctant reader. Good, clean, and fun!

Reviewed by Bryan Burch