by Mio Debnam

Haven Books, $10.00, 65 pages

When planning a trip, there is no better way to get your child involved and excited than by giving them their very own travel guide! With KidsGO! New York, children will be ready for adventure in the Big Apple. Author Mio Debnam and illustrator Tania Willis have created a series of six pocket sized travel guidebooks that speak directly to children and help them tell their parents exactly what they’d like to do and see. Don’t let family arguments or the dreaded “Are we there yet?” ruin the fun.

Each book in the series begins with the “Top Five Must-Dos” of the featured location. For fun the entire family can enjoy, check out New York’s Coney Island with its very own beach, aquarium, amusement park, baseball stadium, and circus! Other headings include “Museum Mania” – the NYC Transit Museum is set in a real subway station and visitors can board the exhibits, “Food, Glorious Food” – where to find the best mobile food trucks in the city, and “New York Know-It-All” – each year people race up the 86 floors (1,576 heart pounding steps!) of the Empire State Building. Family vacations will never be the same with KidsGO! travel guides. Where will your family go next?

Reviewed by Kathryn Franklin