By Richard Kadrey, Eos, $22.99, 434 pages

10James Stark is back on the streets of L.A. after a long stay in Hell. But after all he has been through, Hell is looking better and better. Kill the Dead is the second book in Richard Kadrey’s fantasy series. This book picks up where the first left off; Lucifer is in town to meet and greet L.A.’s powerful underground elite. He wants Slim to be his bodyguard. Slim knows he is in for a hellish adventure when the murders begin. As if Lucifer isn’t enough to deal with, vampires and zombies are wreaking havoc on the city.

Character development pushes the story ahead and fans of Kasabian, Eugene, Allegra, Kinski and Candy can rest easy knowing their favorite characters are back. Lucifer is considering retirement and thinks Slim may be the perfect person to head the family business. Hold on…family business? Is Lucifer related to Slim? Read Sandman Slim, the first in the series, to enjoy the entire adventure. If you are looking for an exciting, funny and thrilling read, give this book a try. Keep your eye out for the third book in the series which is sure to contain a big showdown between good and evil.

Reviewed by Elizabeth Franklin