By Lorraine Zago Rosenthal, Delacorte Books for Young Readers, $17.99, 368 pages

10When an unexpected inheritance comes upon Ariadne, she is transferred to an elite Manhattan prep school. There she meets Leigh, a wealthy friend that introduces Ari not only to the glamorous New York City life, but also to her equally gorgeous cousin Blake. Soon, Ari and Blake are in a whirlwind romance that seems too good to be true – which is soon tested when many obstacles are thrown in their way.

The thing that sticks out about this story the most is how emotional and raw that it is. The writing is simple, yet beautifully written in a way that immediately enthralls readers in the story. Each of the characters are fleshed out well with their own unique personalities. Ari is a character that is extremely easy to relate to on many levels and her voice was real. When she felt happy, you felt happy – and when she was sad, you felt sad.

Other Words for Love is a book not only about love, but also about perseverance and finding yourself. This story is no fluff read, rather it is an honest portrayal of love and heartache that will tug at your heartstrings until the very end.

Reviewed by Missy Wadkins