by Jon Sprunk

Pyr, $16.00, 392 pages

Shadow and war is breaking out in the land of Nimea. In the South, the people are being wrongly imprisoned and put to death by the ruler of the area and in the North; repeated assassination attempts and political uprisings threaten the rule of Empress Josephine. Former assassin Caim and his companion Kit becomes embroiled in the Southern uprising while searching for answers to his past.

Shadow’s Lure is the second book in the Shadow series by author Jon Sprunk. This book takes place where the last one left off – with Caim leaving his lover Josephine to find answers to his past and leaving her to deal with political disaster in her new kingdom. The author nicely balances the two stories and the political intrigue aspect of the book is a nice balance for the near-constant fighting in Caim’s parts. The character of Kit was less interesting and seemed to serve no other purpose than to set-up a love triangle storyline in the book. Regardless of that detraction, the writing is fun and past-paced and the book was overall entertaining.

Reviewed by Barbara Cothern