by Glades Montgomery

Rizzoli, $45.00, 224 pages

Storybook Cottages can be found in many of America’s older cities. In this work, Gladys Montgomery looks at the history of the Gothic style of architecture, especially in home building.  She starts by exploring Gothic architecture as it arose in the medieval period. It was not until the 18th century that this style first appeared in homes. The author covers the major developments of the Gothic style and how it got its start in the United States. In the final few chapters she covers what a room should look like, what kind of details go into a Gothic style home, and how the grounds around the house should look. This is a beautiful book, Rizzoli does not disappoint in that area. The pictures of the many different in that area. The pictures of the many different types of homes built in this style are amazing. The idea that a home can look like it came out a fairy tale story is enchanting. The writing complements the photography.

Reviewed by Kevin Winter