by Sue Sommer

New World Library, $14.00, 240 pages

Finally, a quick reference guide to help us through those awkward moments of the written word without having to sift through all those pesky rules of the English language! The Bugaboo Review: A Lighthearted Guide to Exterminating Word, Grammar, and Spelling Confusion by Sue Sommer is obviously a labor of love with her extensive background in teaching English and her affinities for all things grammatical, Sommer has deftly aimed her pet peeves with the quirkiness of our English language into a concise and easily referenced design allowing readers to properly utilize the written word in its accurate forms. ||In her introduction, the author professes “The Bugaboo Review is a lighthearted examination of the usage, grammar, and spelling mistakes, the bugaboos of the English language.” It gives meaningful definitions of the proper spellings of words such as; who versus whom, berth versus birth and plain versus plane. Punctuations and plurals are also addressed with copious and comprehendible examples. Brilliantly arranged formatting and delivery makes this a desk-reference writer’s should own but it also makes for just a good, fascinating read!

Reviewed by M. Chris Johnson,