by the Editors of Klutz

Klutz Press, $16.99, 60 pages

Every kid should have a record of the antics they perform during their crazy younger years. The newest Klutz book, The Encyclopedia of My Immaturity, offers write-in-the-book activities and endless hours of silly, goofy fun. Entries include the “How immature are you, really?” test and the “What will you barely grow up to be?” quiz (politician, dentist, waiter, or soccer mom). There are open ended journal prompts that both girls and boys will be drawn to. One entry helps kids determine which pair of underwear is their luckiest. To sideline unauthorized snoops, there are fake, fill-in-the-blank entries such as a like a parent-praising letter to throw off mom and dad. The included pen will help kids fill out the “I Am Awesome” page with details like “my longest weekend nap was __ hours long” and “I once ate __ slices of pizza in a row.” These are the funny things the child in your life will want to remember when they are grown-ups. Reluctant writers will be encouraged to record their thoughts, creative ideas, and even a letter to their future selves.

Reviewed by Kathryn Franklin