by Clay & Susan Griffith

Prometheus Books, $16.00, 301 pages

Are you ready for a fresh vampire book… one that portrays vampires as they should be seen? Are you ready for action, romance and adventure? Put those all together and you get Vampire Empire Book One: The Greyfriar written by Clay and Susan Griffith. The first book in a new trilogy is full of adventure sequences and thrilling conflict between humans, vampires, families and nations. Princess Adele, the female protagonist, has been promised as a bride for political reasons. When she meets Gareth, a vampire prince, she begins to question her future. The Greyfriar is a masked man/Robin Hood character who helps humans in their fight to break the hold vampires have over the world. The vampires are violent and frightening. Flay, a deadly female vampire, is determined to kill Princess Adele and her actions will give readers the chills. Fans of the steampunk genre will be glad to add this to their collection. The authors prove to be master storytellers. This book is an intense, clever and unique tale packed with intrigue and surprises. Good news! Book Two: The Rift Walker was just released.

Reviewed by Elizabeth Franklin