by Elizabeth Camden

Bethany House, $14.99, 336 pages

As teenagers Clara Endicott and Daniel Tremain seem an impossible pair: the wealthy reverend’s beautiful daughter and the penniless steel mill worker’s angry son. After being separated by an ocean and twelve years their pairing still seems unthinkable. Although Tremain has clawed his way to the upper class, now beliefs separate them. Clara works for the rights of labor while Daniel is one of the wealthy business owners she abhors. When an unexpected young man enters their world will he separate them forever or bind them closer together?

The Lady of Bolton Hill begins as a typical poor boy meets rich girl, separation, meeting again after many years tale. Happily, author Elizabeth Camden adds additional facets beyond the money/class difference. She manages to show the growth and change of both of the characters while still maintaining hints of their young selves. Although Bane, the young man thrown into their life does add an explosion to the story (literally and figuratively), his appearance feels forced. He was randomly dropped into the storyline without enough ties to the back-story. But overall, Christian fiction fans will enjoy this novel.

Reviewed by Jodi Webb