by John & Stasi Eldredge

Waterbrook Press, $14.99, 224 pages

Subtitled Find Your Way to Something Beautiful in Your Marriage, this husband and wife couple have found considerable joy along the bumpy road that marriage can take between a man and a woman. Told through anecdotal incidence reports, they take turns kissing and telling through the good times and the bad. Both agree that if there is one way to make it, it’s got to include their rock, savior and marriage counselor, Jesus Christ. Turn it over to Him, they advise. In fact turn it all over.

In one interesting section they advocate that men and women – they make no secret that “Real”  marriage can happen only between opposite genders – get married in order to serve as witness to each others’ lives, quoting Genesis 2:18, that it is not good for man to be alone. In fact it isn’t enough for man to be together since, in the eyes of the authors, he is a leaky cup or sandy soil. He must develop a real relationship with Jesus. This is the greatest gift one can give to a marriage. In the opinion of the authors, it’s a gift one is obligated to give if one wishes to keep romance alive. Written earnestly but with insistence, this couple has only one meaningful thing to say. Jesus can handle your marriage. If He can’t, forget about it.

Bryan Burch