by Shirley Day

Magination Press, $9.95, 32 pages

Luna and the Big Blur by Shirley Day is a good book for a child that might wear or need to wear glasses. Luna is the only one in her family that needs them, and she doesn’t like it, even though she chose large, fun, polka dot frames. She tries to hide them while wearing them by pulling up her coat collar, or by looking down, neither works well, so she tries going without them, that doesn’t work very well either. The things that happen are quite funny. The artwork by Don Morris illustrates the story perfectly. In the end, after some explanation from her father, she feels good about herself again, glasses or not. The recently released version is a paperback. The original was in hardback and library bound. I prefer the hardbacks, but being paperback makes it more affordable. Still, the story is good and the artwork vibrant. While many children will enjoy it, more so if they need glasses. The author thoughtfully included notes from professionals on ways for parents to teach the numerous lessons incorporated in the book. Luna and the Big Blur is available at all the usual outlets.

Reviewed by David Broughton

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