by Erik and Robert Jacobson

Dr Puck Publications, $14.95, 40 pages

Learning to ice skate is a big challenge. Little Kita wants to glide across the ice and have some winter fun. His older brother Bobby agrees to teach him the basics. Any young skater can learn along with Kita in Erik and Robert Jacobson’s book Pond Hockey: Kita Learns to Skate. Eric brings expert knowledge to the story from years of serving as a hockey coach, where he created individual and team drills. Eric’s father Robert completed the book’s bold, bright illustrations. He captures the boys’ movements over the ice.

When Bobby and Kita arrive at the frozen pond, their friend Ally is already on the ice. Bobby helps Kita tie the laces on his skates, he cheers Kita on when he takes his first few tumbles, and then he shows Kita how to position his skates and push off the ice. This creates a glide. Bobby demonstrates a forward and backward spin, long strides, and crossover maneuvers from foot to foot, and how to change directions and stop.

This sweet book encourages beginning skaters to take the first few basic steps on the ice. An important lesson stressed is that only with practice will we become better. Kita can’t wait to improve and start to play hockey.

Reviewed by Kathryn Franklin