by David Livermore

AMACOM Books, $22.00, 24 pages

David Livermore provides a method to evaluate and improve one’s own CQ (Cultural Intelligence Quotient); how well one interacts and communicates with people from cultures different from one’s own. In addition to the text, each book also provides access to an online CQ assessment that gives the reader a place to start in self-evaluation. Livermore illustrates how CQ is so important in today’s diverse workplace and even daily life. He argues that success in business depends on one’s ability to succeed and thrive in a wide range of cultural situations; with a diverse staff, international stakeholders, and customers from around the world. Most importantly Livermore stresses that high CQ doesn’t come naturally, it is a skill that is developed through practice and awareness.

There are four core capabilities that make up CQ; CQ Drive the motivation and confidence in taking on cross-cultural challenges, CQ Knowledge a basic understanding of cultural differences and similarities as well as how to best discover this information when needed, CQ Strategy the ability to process and make sense of culturally diverse experiences, and CQ Action the ability to act on one’s CQ knowledge and behave appropriately in cross-cultural situations while still remaining true to one’s self. This book, The Cultural Intelligence Difference is a wonderful place to start to evaluate one’s CQ and build on one’s ability to function successfully in an ever increasingly diverse world.

Catherine McMullen