by Jacqueline Davies

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Book’s for Children, $15.99, 152 pages

Are you one of the growing number of readers who enjoyed The Lemonade War by Jacqueline Davies? The popular series continues with The Lemonade Crime. Something terrible has occurred. Two hundred and eight dollars has disappeared from Evan’s pocket. Scott is telling everyone about his new Xbox 20/20 which he supposedly bought using his own money. That is one expensive purchase! Could Scott be the thief? The first book in the series covered topics including entrepreneurship and healthy competition. In this sequel, Davies incorporates lessons on justice, fairness, tolerance, understanding, friendship, and forgiveness. She creates a unique way to teach these lessons. She sets the students of classroom 4-0 up to host a peer court. Many school districts around the county have a peer jury or peer court so this would be a great way to introduce children to the idea. Davies uses a short chapter form which makes this an appropriate choice for young readers. Each chapter begins with a definition of a legal phrase, idea or term that is important to the story and helps with reading comprehension. Classmates are assigned roles to play and the trial begins. Is Scott a thief? Follow the proceeding of the peer court to find out the verdict.

Kathryn Franklin