by Mikaya Heart

Cleis Press, $17.95, 250 pages

Why can’t these sex books just be a little more interesting? With a title like The Ultimate Guide to Orgasm for Women: How to Become Orgasmic for a Lifetime, one would really expect something titillating, exciting, perhaps even sexy. However, unfortunately, The Ultimate Guide to Orgasm for Women is none of these things. As is far too often the case with sex “tip” books marketed towards women, this book reads more like a textbook than anything else, and is sorely disappointing as a result.

Perhaps there is some use in the book for people who want to read other women’s descriptions of their orgasms or learn about feeling safe in sexual situations and its role in the female orgasm, but if someone is looking for the tips that are all but promised in the title…well, keep looking, fair reader. It is important to know about the psychology of sex, about safe sex, and the anatomy of your own body, but there is nothing in this book that hasn’t been written about a million times before and can’t easily be found in an internet search. What a shame, the title seemed so promising.

Reviewed by Ashley McCall