by Kari Pius Baker

Bree Noa Publishing, $15.00, 32 pages

Whispered Wonders is different than most children’s picture books. Among these differences is the exceptional quality. The paper is heavyweight, both the dust jacket and cover are embossed, the binding is sewn, the printing is superb. That’s just one of the “Wonders” of this book. Every page is a blend of two artists’ work, the visual and words (with illustrations by Pamela Jaschob) melded seamlessly together. “What’s it about?” That’s a difficult question to answer, so I asked the author, Kari Pius Baker. She replied, “In a day and age of high technology and over stimulation, I was inspired to write a simple story about being still. I wanted to weave in nature and create positive affirmations that when read would feel good. Statements such as ‘I am love, I am peace, I am safe, stable, and brave’ are to encourage the reader to recognize these qualities not just in the nature that surrounds them; but also within themselves.”

It’s not surprising to me that Whispered Wonders is selling well in art galleries. What surprises me is that the price is only fifteen dollars. How the publisher managed to create such a masterpiece to sell it for that price is a mystery.

Dave Broughton