Edited by J.M. Lassen

Night Shade Books, $12.99, 416 pages

When the apocalypse comes, it isn’t just adults who need to know how to combat zombies. Young adults need to know what to expect as well. J.M. Lassen, editor of Z: Zombie Stories, has assembled a collection of ten Y.A. coming-of-age stories set in a world overrun by the living dead. In “Family Business” by Jonathon Mayberry, young Benny learns the family trade of dealing with the undead. Some jobs you don’t just do for the money. Catherynne Valenta’s “The Days of Flaming Motorcycles” features a girl dealing with her abusive father who has become a zombie. In “The Barrow Maid” by Christine Morgan, a Viking maiden (and newlywed) is trapped underground when, as per tradition, she is buried with her husband but unexpectedly arises to seek revenge. In this anthology the authors contemplate what it might be like to grow up in a time when the future of humanity is unknown. Several stories deal with mature themes – a terrorist attack, suicide attempt, rape, murder, prostitution, and abuse. Only one story is original and it happens to be the best – “DeepWater Miracle.” Be careful not to laugh too loud while reading because it is a sign you’ve become a zombie!

Kathryn Franklin