by Moh Hardin

Shambhala Publications, $15.05, 142 pages

In today’s fast-paced world, it is often hard to slow down and take the time to nurture important relationships. Now and then, everyone could benefit from advice on finding and maintaining love and happiness. A Little Book of Love, by American Buddhist teacher Moh Hardin, presents Buddhist wisdom on love, fulfillment, and finding true contentment in life whether with a partner, a family, or alone. In the Buddhist tradition, love is a way of being present with the self and others. Hardin divides the book into two sections: “Starting at Home” and “Thinking Bigger.” Readers will find practical advice on how to cultivate and deepen love. It is not necessary to have a Buddhist background to benefit from Hardin’s encouraging words. Buddhist teachings fall into two categories: skillful means and wisdom. Skillful means are specific practices, and Hardin explains the wisdom that will come when doing them. Start by becoming your own best friend. Try a ten-minute sitting meditation to spend time with yourself. Extend this love to a partner or a child. Hardin is able to discuss complex topics using simple words and ideas. His practical suggestions can be done by any reader interested in learning more about love.

Elizabeth Franklin