by Nick Kent

Da Capo Press, $17.95, 408 pages

Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll are always subjects that fascinate. This book is listed as “A 70’s Memoir.” The memoirs are Nick’s own experiences of coming of age during the drug and alcohol fueled music scene in England at the beginning of 70’s. It’s written in a similar style of Keith Richard’s biography with a little Hunter S. Thompson thrown in, our hero Nick Kent takes us up close and personal with some of the biggest musical personalities to come out of that era. As an aspiring music writer, Nick moves in and out of contact with musicians like David Bowie, The Rolling Stones, Cat Stevens, The Clash, Miles Davis, Frank Zappa and many others. The more Nick immerses himself into the lifestyle of his subjects, the more he loses control. I was left wondering whether he would achieve his goal to be a professional writer. If you enjoy learning some of the nitty gritty of the musical industry, this book is a terrific read.

Brian Taylor