An old-fashioned Western tale set in modern times has Sheriff Walt Longmire chasing bad guys with the help of his Native American friends. The murderous escaped criminal leads them on a perilous journey through wilderness to the highest peaks of the Wyoming Big Horn Mountains. As injuries and hypothermia set in, the Sheriff begins to question his perception of reality. Helped along the way by a huge Native American named Virgil, who may or may not be a ghost, he refuses to give up.

This award-winning author has created a hero in Sheriff Longmire that personifies the American ideals of strength, determination, and sense of duty. Hell is Empty is the latest in a series of Walt Longmire mysteries. Well written, the action hums along in a progression that is easy to follow. The reader is drawn into the journey, experiencing every brutal step taken by the hero. Around every corner, a different surprise greets the Sheriff, giving him another challenge to overcome in his pursuit of the murderer. Any fan of Westerns, mysteries or even ghost stories should enjoy this novel.

Reviewed by Fran Byram