By Anita Silvey, Clarion Books, 40 pages

Growing up, Henry Knox worked in a bookstore and loved reading about military history, machinery, and engineering. Because of his extensive knowledge of military science, he was placed in charge of the Continental Army’s artillery when the Revolutionary War began. He managed to plan the transportation of 12,000 pounds of artillery over frozen mountains and lakes to General George Washington.

Anita Silvey tells the story of an unlikely war hero in her book Henry Knox: Bookseller, Soldier, Patriot. The first half of the book focuses on Knox as a youth, and the last half portrays him as a 25 year old officer that helped free Boston in 1776. A timeline is included for readers who would like to know more about the Revolutionary War and Knox’s life. Teachers can utilize this resources as well as a suggested reading list for additional classroom comprehension.

Wendell Minor’s illustrations are breathtaking. Painted on wooden panels, Minor’s acrylic art is colorful, textured, and scenic. Children will take away the important lesson that with hard work and dedication, one person can achieve incredible things even when faced with adversity. Young history buffs and older readers will appreciate this profile of a little-known hero.

Reviewed by Kathryn Franklin