by Tricia Mangan

Magination Press, $12.95, 125 pages

Being a teenager is hard during this fast-paced time of life. It is hard for teens to slow down and listen to their insecurities. In her book How to Feel Good, Tricia Mangan presents teens (ages 13-18) with 20 simple, mind-healthy skills to guide them toward self-awareness and to teach self-confidence and calmness. With ten-plus years of clinical, research, and teaching experience, Mangan knows how to help teens feel less overwhelmed with daily challenges and changes. Mangan writes directly to teen readers. Each tip has self-reflection questions, activities, and easy-to-use strategies to put into action when problems arise. Tip #2: “Shine a Spotlight on Good Things” – when things are going wrong, it seems like nothing will ever again be good. Mangan suggests making a list of events that make you feel good and happy. Then imagine experiencing each situation. Do this every day for five minutes. Tip #3: “Compare Yourself to No One” – you are an original. Think about someone you admire and a time when they didn’t succeed. Did it make you admire them any less? Learn about forgiveness, patience, and an overall holistic approach to feeling good and accepting whatever life you lead.

Elizabeth Franklin