By Harvard Business Review, 185 pages

“As leaders, sometimes we are truly on and sometimes we are not.”

On Managing Yourself from the Harvard Business Review is a book comprised of a compilation of various articles by an array of authors. Each article has a summary box giving you the main concepts that will be presented in the article and an in practice box that breaks down how to use the main concepts given. The organization of the boxes is superb and very helpful to the reader. Each article addresses different ways to meet the demands of a job. While each chapter addresses a different topic, like resilience or re-energizing to work more efficiently, the overall tone of the book is to find balance in your life by using your energy efficiently. The book is directed at managers, and while this reviewer found some of the article’s concepts to be outdated other articles hit the nail on the head with workplace dilemmas of 2011. Overall, the included articles were relevant to overworked and overstressed employees seeking ways to take charge of themselves to perform better and develop a work-life balance.

Jina Oravetz