by Julie Danneberg

Charlesbridge Press, $6.95, 32 pages

At the end of a great school year, Mrs. Hartwell’s students must take the Big Test on Friday. The class is so nervous. Mrs. Hartwell decides to spend the week helping the kids learn how to show what they have learned throughout the year. On Monday they practice sitting still and working alone. Andy’s stomach hurts and he asks to go to the nurse. On Tuesday, the class practices filling in little answer bubbles. Emily and Maria are so tense that they make a visit to the school nurse too! Mrs. Hartwell realizes that she must do something to make the test-taking process less nerve-wracking for her students. Find out what she does to calm their anxious minds.

Author Julie Danneberg’s book, The Big Test, shows that even the most well prepared students get nervous about exams. Judy Love’s illustrations are so detailed that readers will return to the book’s pages to find new details. The multicultural group of students makes hilarious faces when their teacher announces the test. Your child or students can survive a test too! Whether you are preparing for a test or giving one, you’ll love this unique book.

Kathryn Franklin
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