by James L. Nelson

Thomas Dunne Books, $27.99, 365 pages

If you like your history thoroughly researched, this book is for you. The book does a very good job leading the reader through years prior to the first large scale military action between the British and the Colonists which came to be called the Battle of Bunker Hill. Any student of these times is familiar with the names; Sam Adams, John Adams, John Hancock, Joseph Warren and Paul Revere. Some were considered radicals, and some as more moderate leaders. We learn much about these important leaders and what brought about the forces that were needed to ignite the spark that led to revolution.

Different from many historical authors Mr. Nelsen does try to interject some humor. In discussing Sam Adams business acumen he states, “…he served, ironically, as tax collector for the Town of Boston for eight years, but even with that sinecure, profitable since the time of Jesus, ended up owing the Town of Boston £8,000 pounds”. There is interesting information about events that are in today’s news including the Boston Tea Party: The Sons of Liberty were very orderly and careful not to damage any part of the owner’s vessels other than the tea. After the tea was dumped over the side the ‘Indians’ took brooms and swept the decks and even replaced a small metal lock that was accidentally broken. This is a very interesting read about the birth of our nation.

Brian Taylor