by Hena Khan and David Borgenicht

Chronicle Books, $12.95, 205 pages

It is all up to you – your choices, your story, your survival. If you have ever dreamed of visiting another planet, then this choose-your-own ending adventure book is perfect for you. The Young Astronaut Program has handpicked you to join the international crew on a journey to Mars. Author Hena Khan and David Borgenicht have created twenty-four exciting endings to the story, but just one is the ultimate success. In Worst-Case Scenario Ultimate Adventure #2: Mars!, your mission is to help prepare Mars for its first wave of permanent settlers.

At key points in the story, you’ll be asked to make choices that will change the outcome of the tale. Before starting your mission, read the Expedition File at the back of the book. It’s filled with critical information you’ll need to accomplish your goals. The File contains maps, diagrams, images, and potentially life-saving data (like how to deal with a fire on a spacecraft and how to survive a Martian dust storm). Yancey Labat’s black and white illustrations add elements of a graphic novel to the book. Robert Zubrin served as the consultant for the book and helped develop the accurate details. Now it is time to meet your crew and blast off!

Kathryn “Danger” Franklin