by Woop Studios

Chronicle Books, $17,99, 60 pages

Have you ever seen an implausibility of gnus, a down of rabbits, a hum of bees, or a galaxy of starfish? If not, you don’t have to look further than a new book by Woop Studious, A Zeal of Zebras. This alphabetically organized book of collective nouns features fascinating names for groups of animals. Each entry reveals surprising facts about how animals live, play, eat, and work in groups. The animal kingdom will never seem the same.

Each entry focuses on one specific animal group and includes a paragraph filled with fascinating facts. The accompanying illustrations look like retro designs for animal advertisements (they look that cool!). Sea otters float on top of the water, wrapped up in kelp, and gather together in a Raft of Otters. Did you know that the largest Raft ever seen numbered over 2,000 otters? If you came across a Pandemonium of Parrots, you’ll likely find them near a salt lick, naturally occurring deposits of salts and minerals they eat to supplement their diets. What a pandemonium those parrots would cause with all their squawking! Animal lovers, word fans, and graphic design aficionados will treasure this unique book.

Kathryn Franklin