by Catherine Ham

EarlyLight Books, $14.95, 32 pages

Pow! Rip! Pinch! Chomp! Stand back- these are the sounds of animals battling! Two zebras use strong back legs to deliver powerful kicks. Rhinos fight using their big horns. A camel, born without a horn, only has teeth to bite its opponent. Gnaw!

Author Catherine Ham’s non-fiction book titled Animal Fights presents scientific information in a fun, fast-paced way. As a former teacher and world traveler, Ham has spent years interacting with animals. Ham’s creativity shines as she presents her research in rhyming verse. Parents and teachers will enjoy reading the book aloud to eager listeners. The book’s photographs are stunning. Readers will feel as if they are in the middle of the action. Little ones may find the images of sharp teeth and huge jaws to be a bit scary.

Before launching an attack against another male, a tiger will hiss, spit, moan, and growl before using his powerful front paws. Fighting kangaroos actually look like they are boxing during their fights! What’s missing is an overall introduction about what drives animals to fight. Some animals have such interesting behavior when they interact with each other. Are they fighting over food, a female, land, or an intruder? Snarl! Chase! Sting!

Kathryn “Predator” Franklin