by Nick Nolan

AmazonEncore, $14.95, 376 pages

The Book of Holocene will tell you that there is a new generation of man coming. Sebastian Black is the first of this new generation, at least according to his mother, Kitty. Sebastian and Kitty use this to promote their religion, Evo-Love, but when a follower dies, Sebastian realizes he is tired of exploiting people for their money and leaves his mother behind. Along the way, Sebastian meets a variety of people who help him to discover who he really is.

Black as Snow is a coming-of-age novel that shows readers just how much people that you meet can influence your life. Nick Nolan’s writing style is easy to understand and will appeal to most readers, taking them in to the chaotic world of the Black’s and those people whose lives they are affecting. Nolan’s characters stand strong on their own, which makes up for the fact that there seem to be a few too many of them. Black as Snow conveys the ideal that it takes time to know who you are, and the readers get to see Sebastian Black discover that for himself. Any reader in search of something will find comfort in Nolan’s novel.

Melissa Boles