by Karla Telega

Adoro Books, $9.95, 288 pages

It is not often that a book can be described as fun. This book is the story of two charming Southern ladies who are trying out different hobbies. They try chasing ghosts, but can’t stop giggling, so they decide to look for gold in an area of old mines. When that idea didn’t pan out, they headed back to their car, and on the way stumbled upon a body. Soon they are both embroiled in a murder investigation, Cher as a suspect, and Maggie trying to clear her by finding the real killer. The story is filled with humor as the reader is led through the twists and turns of the plot. Several suspects are introduced and one of the ladies is placed in danger, building the suspense. The cast of characters consist of interesting and believable people. Even the dogs are well described and entertaining.

The book is the first for Karla Telega, who lives in South Carolina with her husband and dog. One can only hope this is not her last, as the tale is simply delightful.One of the best things about this book is that it proves there is nothing boring about turning 55. It is a story about middle-aged women, which is unusual in itself. When the ladies seek a way to live more fully instead of fading into the background, the fun begins. Also rare is a mystery told with such a wonderfully humorous slant.

Fran Byram